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Stephanie Avent
SDC Teacher
530-474-3125 Ext:
Crystal Crowder
Support Aide
530-474-3125 ext:
Salina White
Instructional Aide
Kayla Merrifield
6th-8th Teacher
530-474-3441 ext:105
Victoria Franklin
Board Member
Caitlyn Spina
School Psychologist, M.A., PPS
530-474-3125 ext:318
Brian Cowell
SDC Aide
Damian Kozul
Board Member
Jamie Brown
530-474-3441 ext:203
Eric Vadala
P.E. Teacher K-8th
530-474-3441 or 474-3125
Brian Winstead
Board Member
Lisa Chadwick
Instructional Aide
Jannet McCloud
Occupational Therapist
Aimee Cantero
School Board - Clerk
Carolyn Christian
School Board - President
Barbara Padilla
Instructional Aide
Julee Garcia
Instl Aide & Project Share
530-474-3125 ext:311
Angela Norton
Attendance Outreach Coordinator
Nicole Hamblin
RSP Teacher
530-474-3125 ext: 320
Randy Johnson
Bus Driver - Custodial - Grounds