There are four District Priorities in Black Butte Elementary School District and we expect that each and every one of our employees understand and support them.

  1. Positive relationships, safety and communication- Students learn better when they have positive relationships with staff members and when the relationship between the school and the home is healthy. When an issue arises with someone, you must speak to that person in person rather than text or email to guarantee effective communication. Safety is our first concern.

  2. Student achievement- This is why we are all here. No matter what your role is in the district, you can have an impact on increasing student achievement. It starts with the bus drivers, cafeteria workers, yard duty greeting students with a smile and knowing their names. Teachers are the experts of knowing what students know, are able to do, and know what they have yet to learn. Teachers are masters at asking questions to pique interest and curiosity.

  3. Staff development- while funding is limited, we need everyone to be the best they possibly can be. We need to be certain that they are trained in the latest strategies and technologies so that we are continually improving as a school and students are making adequate growth.

  4. Facilities and  finance – While some of our facilities are old, we do our best to make them look attractive; we also must be mindful that as adults, we are all role models for our students.  If they see us walk past litter on the ground, they will too.  If we ignore items in disrepair, they will lose pride in their school.  We need to make wise financial decisions now more than ever.  We compare our expenses with District Priorities, our Mission Statement and financial solvency.

If you are interested in working for the Black Butte School District and feel that you can uphold our Priorities, we would be interested in meeting you.  Complete an application for any openings and we may consider you to be our next staff member.


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